We are opening up ads slots in the sidebar among other advertising opportunities. If you are interested in advertising with us, send an ad image (or ad read copy) with the destination URL to feedback at tpenetwork dot com. Upon receipt of the image and a review of the destination URL we will contact you if your ad seems like a fit for our content. We use PayPal for payment. We will not accept ads for a variety of reasons (most notably sites linked to virus distribution, sites that contain pornographic or other offensive content, sites that directly compete with our content and other reasons). If your ad is declined for any reason, you will not receive an explanation email.

Here are the current options for TPENetwork.com advertising:

* Sidebar Spot – Spots are granted first come first serve.

* 468×60 Top Banner Spot.

* Audio Ads – Read By Host In Podcast Content Per Episode Rate: Varies by show (please email for prices).