Could Grant Ward Be the Man Who Kills Captain America?

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Grant Ward in Captain America?

While the Agents of SHIELD podcast is on hiatus we will be blogging about our beloved TV series.

One of our outstanding Agents of SHIELD community members (Agent Price) sent us this interesting article about Grant Ward being transformed into the character “The Taskmaster” and appearing in the Captain America Civil War movie. –WARNING THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE CIVIL WAR STORYLINE IN THEIR ARTICLE

If you are a fan of our Agents of SHIELD Fan Podcast, you know that we LOVE wild speculation. The more outlandish and improbable the better. We’ve had theories ranging from the correct (e.g. Skye is in fact Daisy Johnson) to the utterly insane (e.g. The Clairvoyant will be revealed to be Fitz or Simmons); you can’t get them all right.

Kudos to the author of the aforementioned article for making a risky prediction and backing it up with some cool speculation. I honestly don’t think that Grant Ward will evolve and become The Taskmaster because it’s everything an Agents of SHIELD fan could want and more.

At some point in between thumbing through comic books as a kid and going to see those same pages come to life on the movie screen as an adult, Marvel changed. Gone are the days in which Marvel would take such a big risk. I seriously doubt that Marvel will consider elevating a TV show character and placing him in a pivotal Marvel Cinematic Universe role. The idea is so far out there that Marvel executives would fall over if this was even suggested.

The fact that I am confident Marvel would never make a decision to go in this direction bothers me. In the comics, Marvel never hesitated to wound, alter, cancel or kill any character. Now that the financial stakes are so high, Marvel seems less likely to take any real chances. Ultimately this is going to lead us to a point where viewers will either tune out or get bored with knowing what’s coming next based on casting information.

COME ON MARVEL, take a chance and do something outside the box. Build a Marvel Cinematic Universe character from scratch right in front of our eyes on Agents of SHIELD.

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