Falling Skies Fan Podcast: Series Finale

Falling Skies Podcast Series Finale

Falling Skies Fan Podcast

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Hank Davis and Alex Cruz recap the series finale of Falling Skies from TNT titled: Reborn. Clayton, Wayne, Troy, Christopher, agent Laurence, @iontrone and James from Melbourne all chime in and give their thoughts on the series overall. It’s the final Falling Skies Fan Podcast. The Falling Skies Fan Podcast is the longest running Falling Skies Fan Podcast and is produced by James from Melbourne.

Produced by James from Melbourne.

Feedback That Arrived After We Aired


Um, well we finally got the payoff for five seasons of sticking with Falling Skies.

Where do I start? Worst series finale ever?

There have been some very ridiculous moments over the years, but as far as I am concerned, there is no level of disbelief suspension I can think of that will make the ending of this series plausible.

First the discussion between Hal and his brother on how he has to make a choice between Maggie and Isobel followed by Hal proposing to Maggie in the heat of combat. My reaction was that I would have liked to see Maggie just punch him in the face! I sure wanted to.

Then everyone walking through the tunnels with the homage to Alien? Thanks but no thanks.

Anne telling Tom that she is pregnant again? What was the point? I suppose that there had to be one final dramatic plot device so that Tom would take her to the ocean and dip her in the Alka-Seltzer to bring her back to life.
Tom gets spider webbed to the stone after he drops the ultimate weapon, but just when all hope seems lost, the weapon reaches out and transfuses the poison into the alien Queen, and what do we get? Poof. Yeah, poof. Then the flying skitters start poofing too. No explosions, no battle, no excitement, and no interest.

Finally, Pope is not dead. They should have left him dead. By this point, I was yelling at him “Shoot that S.O.B.! because I was so checked out!

I think that my main problem with the episode is that it seemed rushed, like they just wanted to be done with the whole thing. How sad. It was so anticlimactic, I couldn’t be bothered with a re-watch, and couldn’t get it off of my DVR fast enough.

Nominations for the Stupid Mike? Far too numerous to mention, but I will throw in for Pope for not shooting Tom Mason and saving us from that absurd final scene. I was so afraid that they were going to try to show that this was Matt’s science fiction story, but that wouldn’t have been too far off, because the whole series, with the exception of the first season, seemed like it was written by a junior high kid with violence issues.

But all is not a loss. There was the Falling Skies Fan Podcast that made it fun to watch the series. I am going to miss your show, far more than I am going to miss the television series.

Well, there it is