The Superhero Report 11: Channing Tatum in the Bayou

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The Superhero Report 11: Channing Tatum in the Bayou


Hank and John discuss all the latest superhero movie and tv news. Will Justice League tank? Is DC leaning too heavily on Wonder Woman? Should actors be able to play multiple different characters in superhero films? Hank and John discuss this and much more.

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We now know why the Inhumans movie was canceled.
Director Roel Reiné recently sat down with and said the following:
“A few years ago, Marvel made this line-up and the Inhumans was there as a feature in 2019, but I know that they never developed it as a screenplay. They didn’t take it seriously as a movie yet and when they were looking for a new TV show, they went to Inhumans because there are so many rich characters. Squeezing them into 2 hours would be shameful. That’s kind of why they went for TV.”

According to director Matt Reeves, the upcoming Batman movie will not be a part of the DC Extended Universe. The movie, tentatively known as The Batman, is instead being developed as a standalone story.

Channing Tatum Confirms He’s working on Gambit right now

Avengers Infinity War will clock in at over 2 and a half hours

Marvel May Introduce Richard Rider Nova in the MCU

Zack Snyder may have a smaller part in the DCU than expected. Multiple sources have confirmed the Snyders will “no longer have anything like the level of creative influence that got the franchise to this point.”

First look at cable

Deadpool 2 Domino controversy.

It’s being reported that the Spawn reboot will not actually focus primarily on spawn.

Mads Mikkelsen is interested in playing Doctor Doom in the movie. Two different characters in superhero movies? It worked for Captain America.

Ian Mcshane set to join the cast of HellBoy?

The Flash movie may lean heavily on the strong shoulders of Wonder Woman?

Captain Marvel will not make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Avengers: Infinity War.