AOSFP 212: Who You Really Are – Full Recap

SHOW NOTES Hank Davis and Alex Cruz recap/review episode 212 of Marvel’s Agents of Shield titled: Who You Really Are. Ratings are down from a 1.6 last week to a 1.4 for Who You Really Are. Agent Price has found more »

AOSFP 211: Aftershocks – Initial Reaction

SHOW NOTES Hank Davis delivers his initial reactions for Marvel’s Agents of Shield episode titled: Aftershocks. The full Agents of Shield recap/review will be released on Friday. Please have your voicemail or email contribution in by Friday afternoon at 4pm more »

Melinda May’s Cell Phone Contacts

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Here’s a screen grab of Melinda May’s cell phone recent calls list from last night’s episode titled: Face My Enemy. On our initial reactions podcast, I speculate on several of the names. Please call in your thoughts and theories on more »